Leaving fire and smoke damage untreated can cause serious structural and health issues. These damages can also come with odours, water damage and soot. A combination of these can result in acidic residue that may cause damage to carpets, appliances, furniture, structures and have a larger effect on the property, deeming it unsafe and unusable for an extended period of time. 

Smoke damage can affect a property straight after a fire, with longer term affects setting in hours, days and weeks after the fire. This smoke damage can go from turning plastics yellow and staining materials to discolouring property items. The staining of soot will then begin developing on building structures, and if the damage is in a residential property, clothing may get affected by soot. In this stage if left too long unattended stains may become permanent, this includes silverware which can corrode permanently. Acid soot may also make any glassware and crystal unusable. 

Ash from microscopic particles of smoke that has fallen to the ground including melted plastic, tar, metals and woods will likely be present and can leave long term damage to the property. Ash also comes with health concerns such as irritation of the lungs and skin and it is essential children, pregnant woman and the elderly or people with preexisting conditions be extremely cautious. When cleaning, our recommendation is to contact KASE Restorations on 1300429199 as protective gear, HEPA vacuums and other gear may be required. Engaging with a trained professional is essential is these circumstances.